Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whose feelings?

M was invited to a birthday part last night. Well, part of one. You see, one set of invitations went out for the weiner roast and marshmallow toast and one set went out for that plus a sleepover. M wasn't invited to the sleepover.

All of her friends were at this party. Most of her softball team and many of her school/cheerleading friends. When we had to pick her up and leave, she started asking, "How come the other girls get to stay the night?" And I had to tell her that "we" didn't get the invitation to stay.

She got over it rather quickly. I told her we had church in the morning, anyway. It pretty much just got dropped. But then today, the mom who was hosting the birthday party started posting pictures on Facebook of the slumber party and all the girls who were there and the t-shirts they had made for the party.

And I started feeling a sort of righteous indignation. I'm irritated, almost angry. How dare she have such blatant disregard for my daughter's feelings?

Then I realized: M doesn't Facebook. She'll never see these pictures. Maybe, just maybe, it's MY feelings that are hurt. You see, I thought that the mom of the birthday kid, as well as the other moms, was my friend. My husband even printed the invitations for this party at a pretty decent discount. The whole evening made me feel like that kid in middle school who is trying so hard to fit in and just doesn't. ever. quite. get there.

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