Monday, November 15, 2010

Addicted to Children

I read an article, errr - editorial, on Slate today in which the author posed a question about why we continue to have children if they drive us nuts. His theory is that the oxytocin that is released when we get unexpected hugs and kisses and cuddles is more powerful and addictive than any drug. It was a light-hearted article, but I completely agree with him.

I want more kids. Seriously. Don't think I'm crazy. Well, okay, maybe I am crazy, but for completely different reasons. :-) I know I'm addicted to babies. Selective memory is wonderful. Sleepless nights and colic only last such a short time and yet the reward  for paying those dues is amazing.

I love my kids. What's more, I LIKE my kids. I like every age and every discovery. And while I know that it will get increasingly harder as the girls get older and hormones start interfering, I also know that each age has it's milestones and I've been there and understand nearly every one of them.

I have great kids. I want more great kids. I need a new job and to get P on board with all this.

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